“Eat your water” is a phrase I have been using for many years to explain to people that staying sufficiently hydrated for full body health isn’t about drinking eight glasses of water a day. What you have to do is ‘drink your water by eating it!!’

Now that’s got you wondering how can I eat water? Well I still ask my children that question and I get a blank expression on their little faces. So, what does “eat your water” really mean? It means, eating more water rich foods to help our bodies absorb the water trapped in those foods. This process of absorbing water slowly from the food helps us to gain many benefits, like staying hydrated for longer periods, lowering heart stress, preventing muscle cramps and keeping the digestive system working normally.

Water rich raw fruits and vegetables contain nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fibre that will improve your health and develop your immune system. A cucumber is a prominent example as it contains 95% water, so if you eat about 300gms of cucumber it is almost like drinking 280ml of water, only here you remain hydrated for a longer period of time. There are many such fruits and vegetables with varying amounts of water, like watermelon, blueberry, strawberry, courgettes, celery, bok choi, cauliflower, spinach and red pepper – they all have a high content of water and many nutrients.

The reason to ‘Eat your Water’ is because dehydration can cause headaches, loss of energy and a general weakness of the body. Our bodies contain 60% of water, so it’s important to keep it hydrated at all times. To be in the prime of health, we not only need to stay hydrated but also need many nutrients. Eating a Rainbow of fruits and vegetables is a way to help the various functions of our body and mind perform better. Also, keeping yourself hydrated helps maintain cellular health, our bodies are constantly creating new cells to replace the older or damaged ones. Children especially are busy with studying, playing and constantly using their minds to learn new thing. Over that, it’s never an easy task to get them to drink a glass of water, but they can be encouraged to eat fruits and vegetables of their choice. In this way we are ensuring they get the required amount of water in their body. The same applies to busy adults too, eating water enriched fruits and veggies are a way of getting water infused with foods and thus enabling us to get water and the nutrients required. This is where eating your water comes into play, eating water rich food help retain water better. Because, if you drink too much water you just land up flushing out vitamins and minerals through the excessive water content in the body.

So, what are you waiting for “Eat your Water”, now to stay hydrated and healthy!

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