Amal Sasikumar – Taste Magician & Food Architect, travel with me as I give you a glimpse into my life and share my knowledge and experience, of my life in the gourmet world. Food is my passion, and the influences of diverse flavours and tastes are tied to the different milestones in my life. As the Taste Magician, I’m excited to bring to you a series of blogs, from my travels around the world, from Pompeii to the Grand bazaar of Istanbul, to Cairo, to the streets of Spain and as far as Lima and New York City. I’ll even take you along on my journey to Japan, Jakarta, Singapore to China and India to bring you some of the most famous tastes and smells for you to try in the comfort of your kitchen. My brother and partner in all my madness, Bhanu has travelled with me and been there through my journey. So, here he is again recreating all the dishes we enjoyed on our travels.

The one biggest influence in my life has been my mother, who’s knowledge of spices and herbs have been instrumental in opening my mind to experimenting with taste and cooking methods to see how different condiments react with different foods and cooking processes. While she is no more here to guide my journey, I take inspiration from my time with her and her immense wisdom and passion for cooking.

The other influence in my life are my kids, for whom I have no option but to keep innovating. Like all kids they keep me on my feet, forcing me to indulge their ever-changing palate.

Just like no journey or passion is complete without the stories we tell about it; no dish is complete without being perfectly presented. A well-presented dish becomes a visual landscape of captivating beauty. Here, in this blog, I hope to give you a visual experience to match the culinary explosions of taste, smell and texture. So, come along and enjoy this multi-cuisine ride as we cross the continents to understand and appreciate different cultures, people and cuisines.